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UPDATE: The Hole Next Door

There's a huge pit next to Richard Cullen's home. The massive hole appears to be twenty feet deep, sixty feet wide and one hundred feet long. It's between Cullen's home and another house still under construction in the exclusive golf community of Tapawingo in Sunset Hills. Cullen has tried to get builder Dennis Moellenhoff to fill in the pit, but Moellenhoff has failed to keep his promise to fix the problem.

Cullen sent us a message on Facebook and asked us to look into the problem.

"It's on me," Moellenhoff told me yesterday. Moellenhoff promised to bring heavy machinery to the lot next week and fill in the hole on Thursday. But he is filling it in today, and it already looks much better.

Cullen told me he's "thrilled."

Meantime, we asked the Public Works Director why the city didn't do more to resolve the situation. Anne Lamitola told me the city had cited Moellenhoof several times, but should have been more aggressive. She promised to re-examine the way Sunset Hills regulates these kind of cases.

It seems likely that based on the progress made by early this afternoon, much of the massive hole next to the Cullen home will be filled in with dirt by the end of the day.

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