Majerus: A-10 too much travel, trouble -

Majerus: A-10 too much travel, trouble

ST. LOUIS (AP) -- Saint Louis coach Rick Majerus is no fan of the school's affiliation with the Atlantic-10 Conference. Too much travel, too expensive, too hard on the students.

If Majerus had his way, the school would sacrifice a bit of prestige, put the student-athletes first and play in a league closer to home. His choice would be the St. Louis-based Missouri Valley.

It's not a sentiment likely to endear Majerus to the Rev. Lawrence Biondi, the school president who orchestrated Saint Louis' move to the A-10 for the 2005-06 season.

Majerus is concerned that trips to the East Coast are forcing his players to miss too many classes.

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