Wedding Photographer Issues Statement -

Wedding Photographer Issues Statement

For the last week we have been telling you about problems involving Absolute Photography. Customers have complained about lengthy delays in getting their wedding photos, one woman told us she paid Ford thousands and is yet to receive any photos.

Today Ford issued this statement to her customers.


Absolute Photography

8204 Gravois Rd.

St. Louis, MO 63123

I am writing this letter to personally apologize to my clients who have recently been caught in the whirlwind of my personal life.  I want you all to first know that at NO point did I ever think of not producing the products that you have paid for.  I know that wedding pictures are the most important pictures of a person’s life; I respect that and can understand that you are very stressed and worried about ever receiving your package products.  I would feel the same way. 

My family has gone thru some major life altering changes this year.  We lost numerous family members, one in a very horrific way.  This took a toll on me personally.  We have dealt with a major illness, major issues from the economic times, which have led me to where I am now.  I did close down the studio and move my office into my home as a way to save money.  I didn’t worry about the disconnected studio line, because you all have my cell phone and email address.

I know that my biggest mistake has been lack of communication.  I got in over my head and buried it.  Most of this would have been resolved better had I just communicated better and quicker.  I kept thinking that things would get better, and was honestly embarrassed to talk about what a disaster things are.

I cannot even begin to describe how sorry I am that I put you through the stress and worry.  It has haunted me.  What I can do it just reassure you that you will be receiving everything you paid for.  I cannot at this time give you a time table, because I just don’t know and I do not want to make anymore promises that I cannot keep.

So, at this point I cannot, produce everyone’s products at one time, financially.  I have two options:

1. Produce product as I can.  Reassure you that I will be getting your albums to you.  If you have not received a copy of the DVD of your images, I will get that to you right away. 

2. File for bankruptcy, at that point I would not be providing anyone with anything.  I have no assets to my company, it would all become a wash.  I have chosen #1.

I ask for whatever patience you can give me.  I will communicate with you in a timely fashion, always.  I would prefer to keep all communication to email.  I will be sending out another email to each of you to let you know the order in which I will do albums, my plan is to do them in date order.

I ask that you please respect my family and refrain from coming to my home.


Erin Evans Ford


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