Petition drive begins to rid St. Louis city of earning tax -

Petition drive begins to rid St. Louis city of earning tax

(KMOV) - A petition drive officially kicks off this week that could end the earnings tax in the city of St. Louis.

The loss of the 1 percent city earning tax would lose St. Louis city a third of its current revenue, which would be around $140 million.

City officials are concerned over how they would pay for street maintenance, police services, trash and a variety of other services without that money.

Those working in the mayor's office are already thinking about how they would replace these funds. One possibility being thrown around would be to consolide city services, such as combining the city fire department with county fire districts.

"This very well could start some needed discussions in the city and region, talks that are hard to have, unless you have something like this kicking things off," says Jeff Rainford, Mayor Francis Slay's chief of staff.

Those pushing for the intiative need atleast 100,000 votes on the petition. There would then be a statewide vote to ban the earnings tax in November. If it passes, it would force St. Louis and Kansas City to vote on whether or not to keep their existing tax.


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