How low can you (allegedly) go? -

How low can you (allegedly) go?

I do know that everyone is assumed innocent until proven guilty, but if a woman charged in Madison County is indeed guilty of the accusations, she is really low.  Not a murderer, not a kidnapper, but really low nonetheless.

She is accused of working in a nursing home, having access to the mail, and stealing a resident's account information to the tune of $16,000.00.  Deputies say she is the same woman who in 2007, said her son had been killed in an auto accident in North Dakota.  Condolences (and reportedly donations) came in to her... and also to her sister in North Dakota.  That sister contacted authorities and said the story was not true... the son was alive and well in North Dakota.

The woman was charged with a misdemeanor in that case, but never made her court date.  Perhaps that's wny that episode didn't show up on the background  check the nursing home ran.  Preying on children and the elderly?  Really?

The elderly resident's account will probably be protected by the credit card, and the cash is money going to the home which is just taking the loss. 

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