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Missouri highway deaths decline to record lows

Are Missouri highways really getting safer?  They're certainly getting less deadly according to statistics.  The Missouri Highway Patrol says traffic deaths are down to the lowest level in 60 years.

Check out the numbers since 2007... We've gone from 992 to 960 to 872.

The Missouri Highway Patrol credits more visible troopers.  In fact, on holidays they have troopers every 10 miles and they say wherever they do that, no one dies.  MODOT engineers credit better designed highways with wider shoulders and brighter and wider striping.  Cars are also getting safer.

But the numbers are impressive when you consider there are 4 times as many cars on the road in Missouri than there were in 1950 and we're driving five times as many miles according to the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety.  And with cell phones, we're more distracted than ever.  Yet still the numbers of deadly crashes decline.

Can this trend continue?  The Highway Patrol Superintendent says he hopes so but adds, "there's a point where you've done about all you can."

Those efforts will continue.

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