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Texting Money

      Now that the major cell phone companies, such as AT&T and Verizon are sending the pledged money from texts right away, there will be no delay in getting the money to the Red Cros for the Haitian relief effort.

      But donors should keep in mind the rules still apply to other charities that use the texting option.  One company, Mobile Giving Foundation, actually makes this all work for charities.  They set up the process so people can text donations.  Their website has a long list of charities they have set up texting codes for, including Africare, Stand Up For Cancer and even March of Dimes Missouri.

     So keep in mind that 5 o 10 dollar text donation mosy likely will only be turned over to the charity once you pay your bill.  And in some cases, Change.org says phone companies may wait for a full billing cycle to elapse.



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