Phone companies bend rules on Red Cross text donations -

Phone companies bend rules on Red Cross text donations

(KMOV) - The Red Cross has raised over $22 million through text donations from the public.

However, the money raised may not have reached Haiti for a couple months if the phone companies did not bend their own rules.

"" states that text donations can take up to three months to reach their intended charities because of billing practices among the large cell phone companies.

In reality, the phone companies do not usually hand over any money until the person donating pays their phone bill. When people started complaining, though, carriers like Verizon, T Mobile, and AT&T decided to make an exception to their rules and pay the donations immediately.

AT&T is sitting on the most donations, as it plans to pay $9 million right away.

This exception the phone companies are making, however, will not apply to any other charities raising money from text messages. In those cases, sending money can still take a couple of months.

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