St. Louisans in Haiti -

St. Louisans in Haiti

It's Monday night and I'm in the newsroom. I just checked my email.

I received the following from Lori Dowd.  She's with Avatar Studios and is in Haiti tonight.  Dowd and Frank Popper (a St. Louis filmmaker) left Lambert on Saturday afternoon on their way to Haiti.  They've both been there before and have worked on a video for "Meds & Food for Kids" or MFK that has a facility in Haiti.  MFK s a St. Louis-based organization that helps feed malnourished children in Haiti.

When we parted ways after the interview on Saturday I asked her to keep in touch with us and email us some video if at all possible.

Here's her email from Monday night:


I'm not able to email any footage as the internet is unstable.  I'm with Dr. Patricia Wolff and we can do a call with you via skype for an update. 

As you know MFK lost a container of raw materials in PAP during the earthquake.  Replacement Materials have been donated (except for powdered milk)but now the difficulty is getting them into Haiti.  MFK has 10,000 kilos of Medika Mamba in storage but that will quickly run out.  They will try to ship more Medika Mamba to PAP in the next several days but they've been unable to establish contact with the depot manager, Papillon.  Papillon was injured during the earthquake but is alive although his current  whereabouts unclear.  MFK hopes to have a UN escort as the security situation is deteriorating.

As you can imagine, hundreds of people are arriving in Cap-Haitian via buses as they flee PAP.  There have been no preparation for housing, feeding or medical care for these people.  The streets are crowded, the banks closed, and the petrol is running low. 

Despite the enormity of these difficulties,  this small band of social entrepreneurs--they're in the business of doing good--are continuing to put one foot in front of the other--with calm and persistence. 

Let me know if you'd like to do the phone call and I'll keep working on a way to send the video. 

all best,


A few notes on her email....Dr. Patricia Wolff is the pediatrician from St. Louis and Washington University who founded MFK...the Medika Mamba is the food that's been developed for the children...Papillon is a Haitian who is on the MFK staff...Cap-Haitian is the town where MFK is located on the northern coast of Haiti...we were told it's about 80 miles outside of Port-Au-Prince...

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