MLK Day no day off for many and that's by design -

MLK Day no day off for many and that's by design

I met some people today who could have had their feet up on the sofa, sipping coffee and reading a book or watching TV today.  Hey, it's a holiday.  You can do that.

But the people I met at various schools, churches and street corners chose a different way to spend MLK Day.... They spent it working in the community.

More than 150 Wells Fargo employees ditched the ties and dresses for jeans and overalls at Roosevelt High School where they painted the main hallway. 

At St. John's United Church of Christ about 65 people from the community and Americorps showed up to paint their as well.

And along Branch Street in North St. Louis people were digging all sorts of garbage out of bushes and off the street and sidewalks to make a difference today.

I remember growing up and learning about MLK and celebrating his legacy at programs, but we didn't actually do anything.  They holiday has certainly evolved in a positive way.

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