The St. Louis Rams, London and Los Angeles -

The St. Louis Rams, London and Los Angeles

Earlier this week the NFL announced that the annual game in London, England would be played between the Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers.  The league also said that they were exploring playing a second game in London during the 2010 season.  It would not surprise me if the St. Louis Rams were in the mix for that second game due to the lack of sold out games in 2009 in St. Louis.  If I were the NFL I would try to place the Rams, Jaguars, or Raiders among a few, into that game so that there would be a "home" sellout for one of the teams that are currently struggling.  It would make a lot of sense for those franchises to want to be in that game, even if the NFL doesn't want to put on a bad show in England.


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