Kirkwood smoking ban predictions come true for some bars -

Kirkwood smoking ban predictions come true for some bars

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By Jacob Kuerth By Jacob Kuerth

A bar & restaurant owner told us that the places that are getting hit the hardest by the Kirkwood smoking ban are the places that are more "bar" than "restaurant."

Many bar owners had predicted that when the smoking ban became law they would lose customers.

It's now been two weeks since the ban went into effect.  One bar owner told us he's seen business drop 20% in the first two weeks of the new year.  That figure is based on business from a year ago when we were into the recession so it would be off even more if you compare it to a "typical" year.

A smoker at one bar says his friends are going to neighboring communities where they can smoke and drink and not have to stand outside in the cold weather on the sidewalk. 

But we also heard from the non-smokers who told us that they were going out simply because there was no smoking in the taverns.  One bar owner says he's had some of his customers tell him that as well.  But he says, right now, it's not enough to offset the losses.


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