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Local missionary returns home from Haiti

(KMOV) – A St. Louis man, working as a missionary in Haiti, returns home today, greeted by his family.

Steven Smith is a physician’s assistant doing missionary work through the Wentzville Christian Church and Haitian Island Ministries.  He returned home Friday night after a 7.0 earthquake struck the Haitian Islands where he was working.

His post is a school and health clinic in Port Au Prince.  Smith was on an upper level of the school building when the earthquake hit.  The school building survived, but adjacent buildings collapsed.  Smith said he could not believe the building he was in was left standing when other buildings around him were leveled.

Smith made it out of Haiti via Santo Domingo and then Miami, Florida.  He finally arrived in St. Louis around 5:00 p.m. Friday evening.

The Wentzville Christian Church is accepting donations for Smith’s ministry.  If you would like to contribute, send donations to:

Haitian Islands Ministries
c/o Wentzville Christian Church
P.O. Box 616
Wentzville, Mo. 63385



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