Kirkwood smoking ban hurting area businesses -

Kirkwood smoking ban hurting area businesses

(KMOV) - The Kirkwood smoking ban has been in effect for two weeks, and some bar and restaurant owners say their business is taking a big hit.

AT Graham's Grill, business is down twenty percent. The owner, Dan Graham, says he has a problem a lot of other bars and restaurants do not have. Grahams says he wants to build a place for customers to smoke, but because downtown Kirkwood businesses are zoned differently, his business is considered a "neighborhood business," and faces tighter restrictions on expanding

Graham says a lot of the regulars are going to Webster Groves, Des Peres, or Valley Park. However, he does admit some customers are coming because of the ban.

"...The first night I had a couple from Maplewood knew it was non-smoking now...But few we've gained don't make up for the ones we've lost," Graham says.

The chamber of commerce says its received complaints from restaurant owners who say that late-night business has dropped significantly since the ban went into effect.

Kirkwood restaurants and bars are hoping it will balance out a bit in 2011, which is when the county-wide smoking ban goes into effect.


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