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2009 Saluki Hall of Fame class introduced

Kent Williams is one of only two players to score more than 2,000 career points.

He led the SIU men’s basketball team to the 2002 NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 and started more games (130) than any player in team history.

But Williams said none of those ranked as his greatest accomplishment as a Saluki student-athlete.
“Probably the greatest accomplishment is that I never missed one practice,” Williams said. “I didn’t think much about it then, but now that I’m in the coaching business, I don’t think we’ve had one player make it to every practice this year.”
Williams led a Hall of Fame class announced Friday that included SIU’s all-time leading rusher Tom Koutsos, 10-year Major League Baseball pitcher Al Levine, two-year basketball big man Jerry Jones, former middle blocker Dana Olden and former shortstop Cheryl Venorsky.

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