Metro East police departments requiring daily policy training -

Metro East police departments requiring daily policy training

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By Daniel Fredman By Daniel Fredman

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -- With police in Ferguson and across the metro area under a microscope, interactions with the public have been subject to scrutiny.  Several Metro East departments who have dealt with ethics violations on their forces are now requiring daily policy training for their officers.

Every officer in Alorton, East St. Louis, Washington Park and Brooklyn start their work day with a lifelike scenario - and a test.  The goal is to ingrain the department policies deep into their mind, should they find themselves in a situation where a split second decision needs to be made.
As transparency and police community relations are spotlighted in St. Louis County, departments in surrounding communities are working to make sure their officers are constantly reminded of expectations.
The computer training program that focuses on topics like field interviews, domestic violence, and ethics costs $6,000 to install in those St. Clair County departments.  
In an area historically plagued by corruption, the training also gives departments something to fall back on in court.
The Metro East Police Commission, like many others, is considering body cameras for its officers and is currently looking for funding.

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