Chief talks Darren Wilson relationship, DOJ and public apology -

Chief talks Darren Wilson relationship, DOJ and public apology

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By Daniel Fredman By Daniel Fredman

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( --Ferguson Chief of Police Tom Jackson issued an apology Thursday to the family of Michael Brown and to peaceful protesters.

In an exclusive, wide-ranging interview with News 4 after that apology video was released, Chief Jackson offered regrets for allowing Michael Brown's body to lie in the street for so many hours.

"This is just something that's been weighing on my mind - something I've wanted to do and today was the day," Jackson said.

Jackson met with News 4 ahead of a planned meeting with the Department of Justice Thursday afternoon.  It was his second meeting with the agency.

"These are very professional people who are here with a task - to find out if we're doing anything wrong and offer remedies, so I welcome that," Jackson said of the federal investigation.

In addition to the federal probe and his apology to the Brown family, Jackson addressed rumors that he's connected to the officer who shot Michael Brown - Darren Wilson.

"I met Darren Wilson when he was hired, didn't know him before that and no, I don't have any relationship other than professional, being his chief."

Social media posts suggesting officers in Ferguson wore "I am Darren Wilson" bracelets quickly went viral earlier this week, agitating already frustrated community members.  Jackson said they're investigating those claims and have asked all officers to stick to their uniform.

"I saw that picture, obviously. Its just a hand, but we're asking any of them who are, whether they're mine or any other department, when they're out interacting with community in these difficult times that they just stick to approved uniform. We want to make sure police departments remain neutral and sensitive to what's going on the community."

With reports the grand jury investigation into the circumstances of Michael Brown's death may come back in the next six weeks, Jackson said his department will ready to act responsibly, saying there is a plan in place regardless of what the decision may be.

"Yes we do, and the unified command is putting together a plan involved all area police departments. So we are really as prepared as we can possibly be for any result."

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