Business leaders say protests hurting Ferguson businesses -

Business leaders say protests hurting Ferguson businesses

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By Adam McDonald By Adam McDonald

FERGUSON, MO ( – Business leaders in Ferguson say the protests in the area are hurting businesses and say if protesters continue to drive away customers, residents could lose jobs and places to shop.

“Some of the agitators are kind of leaving the businesses with no choice because we have to live,” said Delena Jones, the owner of 911 Hair Salon. “We support the Brown family. We want the right thing to happen, but we still have to live.”

Another business owner, Shanette Redd of “Cakes by Nette,” said she relies on walk in customers who purchase cake slices, but says fewer customers are walking in and supplies have been reluctant to drive to the store.

“My customers, some of them, are scared to come in,” Redd said. “I get a lot of ‘Are you okay?’ or ‘Is it affecting you?’ I had a couple say to me ‘Oh, I’ll come when it’s safe’ so we had to go get our own supplies.”

Kmart officials also announced they will be closing the store, located on West Florissant and Dunn Road, will close in December. The store has 100 employees and is just outside the Ferguson city limits.

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