Senator's staffer planning shutdown of MetroLink during MLB play -

Senator's staffer planning shutdown of MetroLink during MLB playoffs

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – Commander Ron Johnson issued a plea Wednesday to political leaders and protest leaders to end the violent demonstrations. However, an elected leader's staff member has threatened to shut down the MetroLink during Cardinals’ playoff games.

News 4 went to State Senator Jamilah Nasheed’s office to see if a staff member was planning this civil disobedience while he was on the clock and getting paid with tax dollars.

The MetroLink station across from Busch Stadium is a busy place on game day; there are 4500 passengers boarding there on an average weekend game day compared to just 500 on other weekends. Riders don’t want to see a MetroLink shutdown.

“I think there are better ways to handle the Ferguson situation,” MetroLink rider Cornelius Armour said, “I don’t think everybody has to suffer in the St. Louis area just because of this Ferguson situation. There’s other ways the situation can be handled.”

Armour worries the shutdown could be harmful to non-Cardinals fans who need to get to work or home to their families.

Eric Vickers, a long-time civil rights activist and chief of staff for Senator Nasheed, said he sent a letter to Major League Baseball warning of a shutdown as leverage to get a special prosecutor in the Michael Brown case.

Vickers said if there’s an act of civil disobedience that fills trains with protesters to keep fans from getting to the game it would be legal and peaceful. For now it is just an idea.

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