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Tensions high at Ferguson city council meeting

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By Stephanie Baumer By Stephanie Baumer

FERGUSON, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- Tensions were high at a city council meeting in Ferguson Tuesday night, but the council did vote on some important issues.

During the meeting, the council heard lots of criticism from members of the community.

“I wanted to inquire if the elected officials if the elected officials noticed the same transparent patterns of behavior that I’ve noticed during the past over 40 days where I spent fighting for the justice of a fallen brother of mine, transparent facts such as (Ferguson Mayor) Mr. (James) Knowles (III) not bothering to consult with the people when they are peacefully protesting yet fall victims to crimes of hate,” said one member of the community.

The members of the council passed a measure to change the municipal court, fix fines and get rid of a “failure to appear” charge that some people say unfairly singled out the poor.

When it came to the citizen police review board many have demanded, the council tabled the bill that would form the board, the mayor said it is not the right time to create the board. The city council will be meeting with residents and experts on the topic of civilian oversight. No word yet on when the creation of the citizen review board will come up for another vote.

The meeting was held at a local church since City Hall did not have enough room to hold the crowd.


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