Affton resident confronts thief face-to-face with knife -

Affton resident confronts thief face-to-face with knife

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By Stephanie Baumer By Stephanie Baumer

AFFTON, Mo. ( – An Affton resident came home to find a thief in his yard. Instead of leaving to call police, the man took out a knife and came face-to-face with the suspect.

Ron Kramer came home to find that his lawnmower at the end of his driveway had somebody hiding behind it. Kramer moved closer.

“So I pulled out my work knife just in case he was going to brandish some sort of weapon,” said Kramer.

By the looks of it, Kramer said the man broke into the shed and was about to steal two lawnmowers and a snow blower. Kramer said the suspect attempted to explain himself.

“He started walking toward me, and I warned him once again to get back. I will defend myself,” said Kramer.

Kramer called the police who arrived shortly thereafter. Police said they found tools in the suspect’s car that could be from other victims’ homes. Police soon arrested the suspect.

“Your choices are to back away and call the police and let him go to the next house the next day or defend yourself and stop him,” said Kramer. 



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