Animal Control crews cant find dogs that attacked 8-year-old gir -

Animal Control crews cant find dogs that attacked 8-year-old girl

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By Adam McDonald By Adam McDonald

CAHOKIA ( – Animal Control Crews have been unable to locate a pack of wild dogs that attacked an eight-year-old girl in Cahokia.

“I heard the dog coming behind me so I ran,” said Aaliyah Farrar, the four-year-old attacked by the three dogs. The attack left Aaliyah with scraped knees and bites on her thigh and leg. A passerby saw the dogs attacking her and beat them to get them off of Aaliyah, but the dogs got away.

“It’s a problem for me because my child was bitten,” said Aaliyah’s mother, Linda Gardner. “It could have been anybody’s (child). I was leaving to take her to a doctor’s appointment and I noticed there were a couple of dogs roaming the neighborhood in the same area again.”

Animal Control says crews with dog catching poles have searched the area, but were unsuccessful in locating the dogs. Officials with the City of Cahokia say they will put out one trap for the dogs.

“That’s not enough,” Gardner said. “There are multiple dogs. What purpose does one trap serve?”

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