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Ferguson Music Festival canceled amid of safety concerns

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By Daniel Fredman By Daniel Fredman

FERGUSON, MO (KMOV.com) – Many residents are saying authorities are “caving in” to authorities after officials canceled the annual Ferguson Music Festival.

“I feel like it should go on,” said Ferguson resident Tyra Cardwell.

Representatives with the “I Love Ferguson Committee” say they are trying to promote good things about the community, but canceling the music festival hurts the community’s image and local businesses.

“I think it’s a tragedy,” said “I Love Ferguson Committee” member Brian Fletcher. “I’m opposed to the decision that is being made.” Fletcher says the businesses and taxes are being affected as a result of the protesting, and the residents “need some positive things to look forward to.”

Many residents see canceling the music festival as a bad thing, but are also understanding of the risks.

“I think if we lose it, it’s sad,” said Becky Mueller, another Ferguson resident. “It’s one more thing that makes the community look bad when it’s not.”

Officials with the City of Ferguson say the event is postponed, but residents say it is impossible to reschedule all the bands, vendors, and volunteers on another weekend before winter. The annual event is usually held at the Farmer’s Market on South Florissant.

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