Notorious scammer strikes again: Grandmother left with no sink, -

Notorious scammer strikes again: Grandmother left with no sink, shower

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By Daniel Fredman By Daniel Fredman
By Ruella Rouf By Ruella Rouf

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – It’s hard to keep track of Lloyd Taylor Bolognia, but after getting a complaint, the News 4 Investigates team released this was one of their worst scams they have seen.

All over St. Louis victims complained about paying Lloyd, but getting little or no work in return. 
Pearlene Hawkins is another victim. 
“I thought that's the guy that ran off without finishing my house,” Hawkins said after seeing a News 4 report.
Hawkins paid Lloyd to fix her drywall; that never happened.   But she also paid him to fix her plumbing in the kitchen and her home's only bathroom, more than three years ago. 
“I seen him taking pipes out of there,” she said.  “I didn't know he was taking my copper pipes and he didn't come back no more”
The only working sink in Hawkins’ house is her kitchen sink - but it's hooked up to nothing. She has to fill a rubber tub with water, and use it to bathe in her only bathroom because there's no running shower. 
When she's done, she can't dump it down the drain because there are no pipes below the tub.  She’s been living like that for more than three years. 
A retired factory worker, Hawkins received a disability settlement after falling off a second floor balcony, landing on her back. She gave most of that settlement - $7,000 to Lloyd to fix her roof and plumbing.
Hawkins said he stopped returning calls and had nowhere else to turn until she saw Lloyd on TV - accused of ripping off other customers. 
News 4 Investigates tried contacting Lloyd, but all of his phone numbers were disconnected. 
Hawkins is out of money, but would give just about anything to have working pipes.  She's raising two teenage grandchildren in a home without a functional bathroom or kitchen. Now, all the moisture damage is causing her floor to sink.

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