Residents only policy at Ferguson town hall irks some business o -

Residents only policy at Ferguson town hall irks some business owners

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By Daniel Fredman By Daniel Fredman

FERGUSON, Mo. ( – A town hall meeting held in Ferguson Monday night had one strict rule - Ferguson residents only. Other area residents who had hoped to take part in the conversation with city leaders were turned away, as was the media.

Identification confirming Ferguson residency was checked at the door. Those who did not have proper identification were turned away. But not all Ferguson business owners who had their businesses looted days following the shooting death of Michael Brown, Jr. are Ferguson residents.

“The liquor stores and everything—those people don’t live here, but they have businesses here,” said one resident who felt that business owners had the right to attend.

Taking place at two different locations, the purpose of Monday’s meeting was to allow residents to speak freely without protester intimidation or pressure from non-residents.

“I really feel like it’s our time now. To get us back together, to get our community back,” said Marilyn Thompson, a Ferguson resident.

The town hall Monday addressed a list of common misconceptions in Ferguson. One of the questions posed asked whether the mayor or city manager has the ability to fire the police chief. According to the spokesperson hired by the city, the answer is no.

Monday’s town hall meeting is just one among many that will be held in the future that will be overseen by the Department of Justice. 

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