Calling for votes against Stenger, Michael Brown activists vow t -

Calling for votes against Stenger, Michael Brown activists vow to keep protesting

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By Daniel Fredman By Daniel Fredman

ST, LOUIS, Mo. ( -- Nearly a week after protesters took over the St. Louis County Council meeting - demanding Steve stinger denounce Bob McCulloch - the group took to the streets of Clayton again issuing a call for voters to cast their votes for Stenger's opponents. 

Organizers of Monday morning’s gathering said a vote for Steve Stenger is a vote for Bob McCulloch. The Justice for Michael Brown coalition says it will continue to show up at County council meetings until Steve Stenger responds to its demands.
“Both of these candidates on the ballot in November are wolves in sheep clothing,” said Zaki Baruti, with the African Peoples Organization.
Those who addressed the County council issued a call for voters to take action at the ballot box if County Executive candidate Steve Stenger won't retract his endorsement of Bob McCulloch.
“We're not just saying black voters,” explained Baruti. “We're saying voters who have any sense of justice, any sense of fairness, any sense of consciousness to join us in our campaign.”
Stenger declined News 4’s request for an interview but in last week’s council meeting said, “The issues we face are bigger than us.  The world is looking to see if we can bridge this divide.”
For a Democratic candidate to not respond to the demands is a bit inappropriate and I think are right to challenge his legitimacy,” said Brad Romans with the Justice for Mike Brown Leadership Coalition.  Stenger is opposed by Republican candidate Rick Stream, Libertarian Ted Brown and Constitution candidate Joe Passanisse.
Rallies in downtown over the weekend upset some sports fans with families due to profanity use within the protests.
“We welcome any type of protest to keep into the public light the injustice that happened with Michael Brown” Romans said. 
Leaders of the Justice for Mike Brown Coalition say there will continue to be planned acts of civil disobedience starting with the Ferguson council meeting Tuesday night.

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