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Feldman: Meltdown in the Edward Jones Dome the latest hit to fans beliefs

(FootballStL) -- Can you believe that?  Leading 21-0 in the 1st half against the Dallas Cowboys, giving every fan in the Dome hope of possibly being tied for 1st place in the NFC West heading into their bye week, and the Rams do what?

Believing in the Rams future is a hard thing to do when, despite your level of optimism, all you do is watch – week in and week out – as they lose game after game.  They’ve lost games in blowout fashion (see: Week 1 versus Minnesota) and they’ve now lost games in meltdown fashion by blowing a 21-point lead.

Whether it was center Scott Wells thinking Austin Davis was under center and not the shotgun leading to a fumble, Jared Cook dropping a touchdown pass, the secondary leaving Dez Bryant wide open for a score or Eugene Sims getting called for a – possibly bogus – holding penalty, the mistakes were plentiful against Dallas.

Winning teams don’t make those mistakes. 

They don’t blow coverages letting an opponents’ best receiver open down the field for an easy touchdown.  They don’t drop wide open TD catches.  They don’t make ridiculous penalties to extend drives for their opponents. 

Believing is really hard to do right now.  The luster of hiring the great Jeff Fisher wore off long ago.  He’s been here for more than 2 years now and is nearly a quarter of the way through his 3rd.  This is his roster.  Steve Spagnuolo’s guys are gone. 

Sure, injuries hurt.  Chris Long would be great to have on the field.  So would Tavon Austin and Sam Bradford.  But injuries always have a way of testing depth.  Good teams have that depth.  They usually find a way to not let those things get in their way of winning.

The Rams don’t do that.  Not yet.  At the first sign of adversity they crumble.  It’s been that way here for quite a while.  And it’s not a whole lot of fun to be a fan of the local NFL team in St. Louis.  I don’t care how passionate you are about a team.  It’s really difficult to show support for a group that consistently disappoints you and lets you down.

The city wants the Rams to win.  It really does.  I would argue the Rams winning the Super Bowl 15 years ago was a bigger moment than any World Series the Cardinals ever won.  This is a big NFL town.  But in 20 years fans have been treated to a heck of a lot of losing. 

And it hurts.


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