Gun rights advocate demonstrates outside Nashville school -

Gun rights advocate demonstrates outside Nashville school

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NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Leonard Embody is no stranger to police.

He's been arrested or detained numerous times for walking around town with guns. His charges were all eventually dismissed, which may explain why he wasn't arrested on Wednesday as he paraded up and down the sidewalk in front of Hillsboro High School.

Witnesses say Embody was pacing Hillsboro Road, dressed much like a soldier, and it had a lot of people nervous. So nervous that 911 dispatchers had their hands full.

"He had a rifle across his back, and a Go Pro attached to his chest. I just thought that was kind of peculiar," one caller said.

Peculiar? Yes. Unheard of? Not so much.

"I just saw some weirdo. I think that's the same nut that I saw on television," another caller said.

Over the past five years, Embody has been causing a stir everywhere from Radnor Lake to downtown Nashville.

However, mothers like Telisha Cobb say doing this in front of a school is crossing the line.

"That man may not be worried about the epidemic of school shootings in our country, but moms and dads are, and we won't tolerate this behavior," Cobb said.

When Channel 4 met up with Embody on Thursday, he offered no apologies and even called Wednesday's demonstration a success.

"A school is a prime place to be able to hand out my leaflets and educate children that guns aren't dangerous as people think they are. Certainly a man carrying a gun doesn't mean they're going to get shot," he said.

Though this may not be the image parents want their kids exposed to at school, it could happen.

Embody said he'll continue making the rounds, defending the Second Amendment, no matter who it offends.

"I don't think I look terrifying. Other people may think I look terrifying, but that's in their own minds and that's something they should deal with ... with maybe a psychologist," Embody said.

Metro school officials said their resource officers were aware of Embody's demonstration, and had he set foot on campus, they would have arrested him.

Outside that, what he was doing is perfectly legal because of Tennessee's open carry law, meaning there's nothing that prohibits people from carrying a gun out in the open.

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