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Witnesses capture assault of woman on camera in south St. Louis

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TOWER GROVE PARK (KMOV.com) – Several witnesses said they were recording while a woman was assaulted near the intersection of Grand and Pestalozzi.

Andrew Doty said the altercation occurred just after 7:00 p.m.

“Two males standing on either side of the doors, attacking people in the SUV. There were punches and kicks,” Doty said.

Across the street, Angela Saffore and Sherrie Saffore were recording as well. Saffores elected to call to police. However, the suspects noticed Doty was capturing the incident on his phone’s camera.

“It was obvious they were trying to physically intimidate me. It was obvious that they were trying to take the camera,” Doty said.

“They noticed him with his phone and got after him,” Sherrie Saffore said. “It bothers me for a lot of reasons. One in particular, just the violence against the girls. I don’t understand why men feel compelled to put their hands on woman, and another thing that no one stopped.”

Police said they took statements from Doty and both Saffores. Authorities said they were able get the SUV’s license plate number.

“If that evidence (the video) is lost, then there was nothing,” Doty said.

Police said they later took two of the suspects into custody. They said they are still searching for the third suspect.


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