Drivers concerned about safety of worn down overpass in East St. -

Drivers concerned about safety of worn down overpass in East St. Louis

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( – Drivers told News 4 they are concerned about the condition and safety of the Missouri Avenue overpass over I-64 in East St. Louis.

IDOT said the pillars holding up the overpass are worn down from snow and salt, and the re-bar cage is currently exposed. IDOT said the overpass has been subject to standard wear and tear from the winter. The agency said it has no immediate plans to repair the stretch of road.

“There’s capacity on the remainder of the column that’s not spalled off that does have capacity,” said Tim Krumm with IDOT.

Krumm said the salt and snow breaks down outer concrete. Although it may look unsafe to drivers, engineers said the strength of the beam is in its core, even if it is broken down on the outside, it’s ability to keep the bridge standing isn’t compromised.

Drivers who frequently travel along that stretch of road have reported seeing the beam tremble when trucks pass by.

“There’s a lot of business that’s conducted from here to there. They really need to do something about that as soon as possible. I don’t know why they would want to wait,” said East St. Louis resident Lawanda Carraway.

IDOT keeps a running file on crumbling bridge pillars. The agency said the pillar may be repaired if it elects to rehab bridges in the East St. Louis area, otherwise, it will remain the standard two plus year inspection rotation. The next inspection is scheduled for May, 2015.

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