St. Charles County running out of storage room for police eviden -

St. Charles County running out of storage room for police evidence

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY ( – St. Charles County is running out of storage space and officials are trying to figure out where to store evidence from criminal cases, train employees, and deal with emergencies.

“You’ve got a row of folks all sitting next to each other, talking, screaming, dealing with phone calls, and they are all right next to each other,” said Assistant Director of Administration Jennifer George. George is referring to the basement of the Justice Center where the county’s emergency operations center is located. “You can’t break out to be able to handle particular issues in other meeting spaces because there is none in this facility.”

The lack of storage stems from the tremendous growth the county has experience in the past few decades. At the St. Charles County Sheriff’s Office, evidence from 15-year-old cases is sitting in three trailers, padlocked, and under 24/7 surveillance.

County spokesperson Colene McEntee says a consulting firm has been brought in to come up with recommendations on how to fix the problem, including funding for new storage facilities. “They (options) are currently being reviewed and will be presented to the county council in the coming weeks,” McEntee said.

It is unsure how much money it will cost to fix the problem, but McEntee says it’s too early to project any sort of costs or a timetable for fixing the problem. 

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