Dogtown residents taking part in keeping neighborhood safe -

Dogtown residents taking part in keeping neighborhood safe

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By Ruella Rouf By Ruella Rouf

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – Residents of the Dogtown neighborhood in St. Louis have been concerned about the recent rise in break-ins. Police introduced residents to the neighborhood ownership model, Thursday, which encourages residents to actively patrol the neighborhood.

Officers assigned to the Dogtown area will work with residents, training them to have better ears and eyes for crime. The recent surge in crime has consisted of burglaries and thefts from vehicles parked outside. While an unmarked police vehicle is patrolling the neighborhood, police said they need the neighborhood’s help.

“They are being engaged and involved because as police officers we can't do it by ourselves, We need the citizens to help,” said Major Rochelle Jones, of the St. Louis Police Department.

Residents are not opposed.

“We've all invested a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of sweat equity in our neighborhood, and we want to keep it safe,” said one resident.

While police have the name of a suspect in the burglary earlier this week, they are still searching for him.

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