Parking lot near Busch Stadium required to have attendant, but c -

Parking lot near Busch Stadium required to have attendant, but cars broken into

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By Ruella Rouf By Ruella Rouf

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – A parking lot near Busch Stadium was the target of thieves, Wednesday night. While the parking lots are required to have an attendant on duty during downtown events, this particular lot did not have one at the time of the break-ins.

“It’s extremely disappointing for me and the other five car owners,” said Kristin Tucker, whose car was targeted Wednesday night. She left the Cardinals game only to find her car window busted and valuables stolen. When she called the lot owner S&H Parking, she was told an attendant was watching the lot.

“He said to get Kevin over at the Midas dealership … there’s no one there. We walked down to where he was supposed to be sitting, and there was not a soul to be found,” said Tucker.

Three years ago, the city passed a law requiring a parking lot attendant during downtown events to cut crimes like this one.

“Larcenies from vehicles, year to date, are down by about 20 percent. Almost 600 fewer larcenies from vehicles this year than previous years. I think the attendants on parking lots certainly have made an impact,” said St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson.

News 4 contacted S&H Parking to ask why there was no attendant. They declined to be interviewed, but employees said Kevin did not go home until 10 p.m. Wednesday.

“They make good money on the night of a Cardinals game, certainly. Just kind of curious as to why they're not holding up their end of the bargain,” said Tucker.

The city department that enforces the rule about parking lot attendants said they have had good compliance at the S&H Parking lot, but they said they plan to do a few more spot inspections in the future.

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