Residents of Dogtown concerned about increase in break-ins -

Residents of Dogtown concerned about increase in break-ins

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ST. LOUIS ( – Residents of Dogtown told News 4 they would like to see more police officers in the neighborhood because break-ins are on the rise.

The request comes after suspects broke into a home on Prather Avenue while the occupants were asleep. Police said the suspects made their way in through a kitchen window before stealing car keys and driving away in two cars.

“It’s scary just to think it’s a nice lovely neighborhood and something like that can happen only two houses down,” said resident Justin Woodruff.

Police said one of the stolen cars, a Honda CRV, crashed into two parked vehicle on nearby Garner Avenue.

“We came out and the car was 90 degree that way, so had to come over the lawn,” said resident Victoria Androff. “The front door was left open, the driver’s door was left open with music blasting. Obviously, somebody had just taken off.”

No arrests have been made. Police said burglaries are up 75 percent in the Franz Park neighborhood, which is considered part of Dogtown.

“Before I was leaving work, starting my car, my glove box was open, all my papers were out, my center console was open, things were just tossed around,” said one resident.

Residents said they plan to take their concerns to police at a neighborhood meeting Thursday.

“Just a small police presence would make a difference,” one resident said. “Even people just seeing a cop car then they might be more hesitant to break-in or rummage through cars.”

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