Protester pledges violence if indictment is not brought against -

Protester pledges violence if indictment is not brought against Darren Wilson

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CLAYTON ( – A protester said violence will occur if charges are not filed against Officer Darren Wilson in connection with the shooting of Michael Brown, Jr.

The man made the comments during a St. Louis County Council meeting Tuesday. The man asked Councilman Steve Stenger, who is running for St. Louis County Executive, where he was when tear gas was used on protesters.

The protester then asked the entire council where it was when Brown was shot before saying violence would return if Wilson is not indicted.

Several protest organizers told News 4 they understand the man’s frustration and are trying to find a way to address it. Zaki Baruti, with the Mike Brown Justice Coalition, said he is planning on reaching out to the man and publicly addressing those concerns Monday.

Stenger was often targeted during the meeting because he was endorsed by St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch, who many believe should recuse himself from the Brown case. Stenger later released the following statement:

"As a member of this community, I am deeply troubled by the way we have been torn apart. The issues we face are bigger than any one of us. The country and the world are looking to see if we can bridge the divide. I believe we can."

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