Thousands in St. Louis area may lose coverage under ACA on Sept -

Thousands in St. Louis area may lose coverage under ACA on Sept 30

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By Alexander Schuster By Alexander Schuster

( – Around 5700 people in Missouri and Illinois may lose their coverage under the Affordable Care Act on September 30 because of something known as data mismatching.

Kathryn Hessenberg told News 4 she signed up for healthcare under the ACA. Things were initially smooth until she received a letter from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) saying she needed to provide more information in order for her to keep her coverage.

On three occasions, Hessenberg said she submitted the necessary documents to Serco, a contractor hired to process paper applications and resolve problems with online applications. News 4 has learned Serco is dealing with data mismatching when it comes to household income. In May, 1.2 million households were impacted, including Hessenberg. She said she submitted her payroll stub and deceased husband’s pension check.

“Please send us different documents so we can confirm your yearly household income,” the letter from CMS read.

CMS said most of the income mismatching issues have been resolved, around 900,000 of them. However, 115,000 people will lose insurance because they have not submitted the necessary citizenship and immigration documents. Hessenberg told News 4 she submitted her passport and Social Security card but still had problems when she called Serco.

Since Hessenberg first spoke to News 4, her situation has been resolved. Around 5700 people in Missouri and Illinois are still at risk of losing their insurance. CMS said Serco has tried to contract those affected through letters, calls, and emails.

CMS said the IRS will be responsible for looking into subsides received by those that were not eligible.

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