DOJ flier about investigation into Ferguson PD not reaching resi -

DOJ flier about investigation into Ferguson PD not reaching residents

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By Ruella Rouf By Ruella Rouf
By Ruella Rouf By Ruella Rouf

FERGUSON, Mo. ( – The investigation into the Ferguson Police Department by the Department of Justice (DOJ) was announced two weeks ago. The DOJ provided a flier with a hotline number and an email address to hear from residents, but Ferguson residents said they have not seen or heard about the flier.

After searching, the flier was found online, but residents at the Canfield Green Apartments said they have never seen or heard about the DOJ hotline. After News 4 shared the phone number, resident Sharon McGee said she would call.

“Yes, I will be calling it because they need to know things are not happening like they’re supposed to happen,” said McGee.

Ferguson City Hall said they did not know about the flier either, and a similar story was heard at the Ferguson Police Department. While some fliers were dropped off at the library, they were all taken. The Ferguson office set up by St. Louis Alderman Antonio French and Missouri Senator Maria Chapelle-Nadal had not heard of the fliers, but they have received a number of complaints.

“I’ve gotten many emails … letting us know of different stories on police brutality,” said Dr. Henry Logan, and Administrative Assistant at the Ferguson office. Logan added that residents are glad that the DOJ is listening to residents’ stories about police, but they are skeptical about what the investigation will accomplish.

“I think we’re making a good move in the right direction. Seeing is believing. I’ll put it like that,” said Logan. 

A representative for Chapelle-Nadal later called News 4 saying three DOJ representatives dropped off some fliers.

To report mistreatment by police, call 1-855-856-2132, or send an email to Please leave your name and contact info.

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