MoDOT: Crumbling Montgomery Co. bridge is example of larger prob -

MoDOT: Crumbling Montgomery Co. bridge is example of larger problem

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY ( – MoDOT has shut down the bridge over Elkhorn Creek in Montgomery County because it has been crumbling to the point where it has become unsafe.

MoDOT recently placed up barricades, shutting down a bridge crossed by 800 vehicles per day. Inspectors said they found that one structures piers is missing half of its steel. The bridge was built in 1929.

“I don’t know why they didn’t replace it 10 years ago,” said nearby resident Shari Rodgers.

MoDOT said it is still gathering information and will continue to go over reports before deciding what to do about the bridge. MoDOT said this particular bridge is one example of a larger problem.

“We’ve approached that level where we don’t have funding to maintain roads and bridges. We’ve got the seventh largest highway system with 33,000 miles of road. We have over 10,000 bridges but our funding comes in at 40th in the nation,” said Erik Maninga with MoDOT.

MoDOT said there is not short term fix. It said the bridge will closed until the spring or summer of 2015.

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