Parents-to-be draw up pregnancy contracts in new trend -

Parents-to-be draw up pregnancy contracts in new trend

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KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Some soon-to-be mothers are having their husbands sign pregnancy contracts on how they'll care for their newborn in an unusual new parenting trend.

The goal of the contract is to ward off arguments with a spouse before they happen and make sure both parents are doing their share of duties.

"What mommies say over and over again is, 'I was ready for the change in my body, I was ready for the baby, but I wasn't ready for the change in my marriage,'" family therapist Ashley Walburn said.

Amy Scharosch didn't know what motherhood would bring. Now she unwinds with her second child, 3-month-old son Emmit, like a professional.

"The whole late night thing is kind of hard," she said.

Scharosch says Emmit has a "superdad." She feels the idea of pregnancy contracts to delegate parenting duties is horrible. 

"You have no idea what it is going to be like. They change by the week," she said.

Other mothers say when it comes to having a baby, there are some things people just can't prepare for.

"Whenever I would watch him change the diaper, he would think I would be critiquing him, whereas I was just watching him because it's really cute and it's really sweet. So we had to figure out how to communicate different than we did before," Annie Stein said.

Walburn says a contract isn't a bad way to start a conversation, so long as it isn't actually legally binding.

"It needs to be maybe fluid. Have a conversation with your partner about ... we're choosing to have this baby, we're choosing to become a family and what that looks like to me," Walburn said.

She recommends sharing those ideas with one another before having children and having an open dialogue about the added dynamic to the relationship.

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