First Student denies bus driver took selfies with students -

First Student denies bus driver took selfies with students

ST. CHARLES, MO ( – First Student is denying allegations that one of their bus drivers in the Francis Howell School District was seen taking selfies with students.

“It is creepy. I mean, now I’m worries when my granddaughters get on the bus in the morning,” said Betty Dawkins, a parent. “It should only take ten minutes to get to school, but what happens in that ten minute time frame?”

The school district says a parent brought the possible problem to their attention so they contacted police. After investigating, authorities say nothing criminal had taken place, but First Student denies the pictures were ever taken at all.

The St. Charles County Sheriff’s Office says the pictures appear to show selfies of the bus driver alone and with students. However, First Student released a statement saying “All investigative activities have confirmed that no student photos were taken.”

“You send your kids to school thinking they are safe,” Dawkins said. “And then you hear this and you start to wonder just how safe they really are.” Dawkins also said she wants First Student to investigate the incident further.

First Student denied further comment on the situation. The driver of the bus has since been placed on a different route.

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