Nurse practitioner allegedly detained, verbally assaulted by pol -

Nurse practitioner allegedly detained, verbally assaulted by police

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HOLLY HILLS, Mo. ( -- A home health care worker has filed a complaint against St Louis Police saying they handcuffed her and verbally assaulted her as she tried to visit a patient.

Sesil Schodroski, 38, a nurse practitioner, said it happened September 4 as she was in a home in the Holly Hills section of St Louis.  She says three officers came into the home and one was angry at her.

“He was yelling and very belligerent, belittling to me,” Schodroski said.

Schodroski said officers then handcuffed her and left her in a police car for over two hours before letting her go. Schrodoski was never charged with a crime.

In a statement, St. Louis police said officers were investigating suspected Medicare fraud and had detained Schodroski briefly. Police said they also turned over her information to state investigators.

Schodroski said she believes there were other reasons.

"I thought I was in the more white area of St. Louis, I'm black, driving a Mercedes, I had a badge, a stethoscope, a white coat, my credentials were on my white coat and I'm sorry but when he was yelling at me putting me down like that all my credentials and all my hard work over the years, being a mom and a wife, it was thrown out the window and meant nothing."

Schodroski said the event has left her too shaken up to return to work. She said is speaking with an attorney.

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