Councilwomen call for change after 2 local shootings on New Year's Eve -

Councilwomen call for change after 2 local shootings on New Year's Eve

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – Some local councilwomen are calling for change after a wild night of shootings on New Year’s Eve left two St. Louis-area cities reeling.

Councilwomen Ruthesia Willis and Molly Bradford both live in the Velda Village Hills neighborhood where a man was arrested for allegedly shooting a rifle in his backyard on New Year’s Eve.

“You know, for someone to have that kind of equipment in their home, involving kids, it saddens me to hear about something like that,” said Willis.

“We got to calm it down because these people with these guns aren’t playing with us,” said Bradford. “Too many people are losing their lives for nothing.”

Police said the man claimed he was cleaning off his rifle when it became jammed. He took it outside, and according to police, shot it at least 15 times.

No one was hurt, but his two teenage sons were right inside the house.

“It’s against the law. We are going to have to enforce the law that this will not keep happening,” Bradford added.

A similar incident also happened in Pine Lawn.

Police said Preston Crenshaw, 37, was driving around shooting into the air outside his car window. Crenshaw has been charged with discharging a fire arm within city limits.

“The officer was in the area, did hear gunfire and responded to the area.  He pursued him and placed him under arrest,” said Pine Lawn Police Chief Rickey Collins.

In the pine lawn case, the suspect was released on bond. The suspect in the Velda Village Hills case is expected to be charged later this week.


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