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Feldman: Another pass rusher could put Rams defense over the top

ST. LOUIS (FOOTBALL StL) -- When assessing the Rams needs for the offseason, finding another pass rusher won’t pop into the head of many people right off the bat.  And why would it?  Robert Quinn’s got 9.5 sacks this season and Chris Long has 8.5. 

Together they’ve formed one of the better pass rushing duos in the NFL.  Dominant?  No.  But hardly anything to suggest major improvements are mandatory.

But look around at the NFL and see what has won championships over the years.  The defenses that absolutely harass quarterbacks every single down are the ones that lead their teams to Super Bowls. 

How did the Giants beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl...twice?  They rushed the passer.

How did the Bucs have one of the greatest defenses in league history about a decade ago despite having Brad Johnson at quarterback? 

Yes, they rushed the passer.

Going after another Robert Quinn or Chris Long or 3-technique defensive tackle like D’Marco Farr once was would not be the worst thing in the world.  With all the sub packages nowadays because teams go to 3-wide receiver formations there would not be a problem getting these guys on the field.

It would add another element to an already active defense.  It would add another weapon to a unit that already has several guys that need to be game planned for.

It’s like when the Rams had all those weapons on offense like Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce Az Hakim and Marshall Faulk but they still went out and drafted Trung Candidate.  No, he did not work out.  But that’s not the point here.

The idea behind it was sound.  The Rams saw what was working for them and they attempted to continue that trend.  Right now, Robert Quinn and Chris Long are getting after the quarterback regularly.  They are making this a very tough defense.  If they had a third teammate out there that can get after the passer like they can...wow.

That might put this defense over the top. 

And it might have every bit as much of an impact as, say, their more obvious needs such as offensive line, running back and safety.


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