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Police: Victim wakes up on ground after CWE robbery; no memory of incident

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ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) -- Some residents of the Central West End are on edge after the news of another violent crime in their neighborhood.

A woman reportedly woke up on the ground Thursday night, the victim of a robbery, with no memory of how it happened.

The 39-year-old victim told police she was driving her car in the 4900 block of Lindell Avenue. According to authorities, the next thing she remembered was waking up on the ground with her pants pocket ripped.

Her keys were still on her person, but her wallet, cash and cell phone were all gone.

The victim reportedly went to nearby business and called the police, and when authorities arrived she was taken to the hospital with a head injury.

Investigators say she does not remember how she got out of her car or what happened, and authorities have no suspects in the case.

Residents are concerned that despite an increased police presence, violent crimes keep happening.

“It’s just one of those things where you’re always looking over your shoulder a little bit,” said CWE visitor Roger Warckerly. “I just don’t like that.”

Recent violent crimes are still fresh in the minds of residents as well.

“Since the murder a few months ago a few blocks from where I live, there’s been an increased police presence which makes me feel better about everything,” said resident Aaron Goodman. “But I’m still disappointed, and I’d like to see more people out wandering the streets and keeping us safe.”

That murder was the shooting of former SLU volleyball player Megan Boken, and happened just a few blocks away from the most recent incident.

Since that time, police have increased patrols throughout the Central West End.



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