Caught on video: Daycare thief rides tricycle, causes damage -

Caught on video: Daycare thief rides tricycle, causes damage

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas -- Suspected thieves who apparently had some extra time on their hands took a play break after smashing through the glass door of a daycare center on Christmas morning.

One of the suspects was captured on surveillance video riding a tiny tricycle in the playground area behind the Starting Point Daycare in northwest Harris County.

Authorities believe as many as four people broke in through a glass door just after midnight on Christmas. The business owner discovered what had happened when he showed up to check on the place later that day.

“You think you’re safe,” said Greg Holden, whose business was first targeted by thieves several years ago. “You think you’re adequately protected and you find out you’re not.”

Holden said the thieves stole three large screen televisions, some smaller monitors and a bunch of video games.

It could cost the business several thousand dollars to replace what was lost.

“This is not a joke. It’s very serious,” added Holden. “If you spend the next Christmas in jail, that would be fine with me.” He said especially if it prevents future break-ins from happening.

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