Convention Center reports extra security for gun show -

Convention Center reports extra security for gun show

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

ST. CHARLES, Mo ( -- This weekend will mark the fifth gun show at the St. Charles Convention Center in 2012.  It's the first since the Newtown shooting that killed 20 school children and six adults and set off new calls for more gun restrictions.

Last week, State Representative Stacey Newman (D - Richmond Heights) announced she would file a bill to close the so-called "Gun Show Loophole" in Missouri. 

Al Beltranena, assistant General Manager for the St Charles Convention Center, says he hasn't heard any reaction from gun show promoters about the anticipated proposal.

"We do have some additional gun shows, the same gun shows that we host year after year here, already have an interest for next year," said Beltranena.

This year, Beltranena says that two extra police officers will be hired to boost security.  That's two more officers on top of security that the event center usually has on hand for gun shows.  He says the additional security is in anticipation of a large turnout, saying that gun shows near the end of the year typically bring in more people. 

While some local gun shops told News 4 they are seeing an increase in buyers following the Newtown shooting, Beltranena says it's unclear whether turnout would increase with people fearful that new gun laws would restrict sales in the future.

Gun owners won't be allowed to carry concealed weapons at the event, said Beltranena and security would check each gun at the door to ensure it's locked.

RK Shows says that it anticipates hosting around 100 dealers at the gun show, which runs Friday through Sunday.

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