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Feldman: Pro Bowl voting shows just how good Fisher is

ST. LOUIS (FOOTBALLStL) - As if the people of St. Louis needed another example as to how much of a difference Jeff Fisher has made this season, I present to you the NFL's Pro Bowl rosters.

Not a single Ram will be in Hawaii.  Not one.  Zip.  Zero.  Nada. 

Heck, not even an alternate was chosen from a roster that's got a chance to be above .500 this year.

Is this surprising?  Unfortunately, no.  It's quite clear this isn't the most talented team in the league.  No one has truly dominant statistics (Robert Quinn's 9.5 sacks are very good, but that's just tied for 18th in the league).  When your cornerback - Janoris Jenkins - is tied for second most touchdowns on the whole team that tells you a lot of what you need to know.

So, given the fact not a single person on this entire roster was given the slightest hint of recognition for what they've done in 2012, it indirectly gives another person even more.

Jeff Fisher's been a Pro Bowl head coach and then some.

It takes two things to win a championship in the NFL.  Talent and leadership.  Without one and you can win some games but you'll never hoist the Lombardi.  Without both and you'll be picking in the top five year in and year out (sound familiar?). 

The current Rams are still a little ways away from having the talent required to knock off a squad like the Patriots with the entire world watching.  But they can tell you unequivocally they've finally got the leadership. 

How else can you describe a .500 club that doesn't send a single person to the Pro Bowl?  That's proof, undeniable proof, that the talent level here isn't where it needs to be.

Yet...it can go a season quite possibly without losing to an NFC West team? 

You hear all the time about athletes who make the most out of what they have.  A player like Danny Amendola who absolutely isn't the biggest, strongest or fastest wide receiver you'll ever see.  But the talent he does have?  It comes out in full force, at the highest level every Sunday.  Unlike other guys who do have the size, strength and speed but don't use it to the level they should.

Jeff Fisher has been like the former this year.  He's made the most out of every tiny ounce of talent available to him.  Truth be told, this is probably the ceiling of the 2012 Rams.  A mediocre group (that's a compliment, by the way) that's been in just about every game while pulling out several. 

And the head coach is the one responsible.  He's instilled a new attitude, a new culture, a new belief system within an organization that had grown accustomed to failure. 

He's provided leadership.

Give him the talent?  And he can provide a championship some day.

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