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Police: Post-Christmas trash could be invitation for thieves

(KMOV.com) – Police are warning residents to take caution after unwrapping their big ticket gifts.

While the gifts may be inside, the boxes they came in often end up on the curb and Police warn they serve as advertisements for potential thieves.

“Serial burglars, know to cruise up and down streets on trash day,” said Detective James Gorman of the Town and County police. “You just advertised to the world because it’s sitting on the curb what you received for christmas inside your home.”

Officers recommend those with boxes from  computers or TVs break them down so the label is covered.

“The simple act of tearing those boxes apart and folding them inside out so the brown side is out will hide from disclosing what you have inside the home,” said Detective Gorman.

Police say the driving force behind home burglaries is drug addiction, predominantly heroin. Addicts search for electronics and jewerly that can be quickly cashed in.

“They dont care what they take,” Detective Gorman said. “Heirlooms or not, they’ll take it all and they”ll sell it for heroin.”

The last tip authorities offer is to be a nosy neighbor, and call police to report suspicious people or vehicles. 

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