Dont become a target: Top 10 holiday crime factors -

Dont become a target: Top 10 holiday crime factors

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

(ST. LOUIS, Mo.) News4 --  Detective James Gorman from the Town & Country Police Department lists his top ten factors for becoming a victim of crime in the Metro East this holiday season.

1. Unlocked doors

·Over 90% of crimes involving theft from a home or vehicle is a direct result of unlocked doors.

2. Inactive alarm systems

·If you have an alarm system installed, use it.

3. Packages on the front porch

·Houses with packages on the front porch are prime targets.  Make arrangements to have a neighbor to accept it for you or have the package placed at the rear of the home.

4. French doors

·French doors are some of the easiest to force open, make sure yours are equipped with floor and header sliding bolts.

5. Failure to conduct good background on household workers

·Before you hire anyone to work in your home, check the person out as thoroughly as you can.

6. Advertising your purchases

·Career criminals do their homework.  Make sure the boxes from your big ticket holiday items are cut up and folded on trash day.

7. Leaving for vacation without requesting a neighbor, family member or police check on your home

·If a friend or family member isn’t available, ask your local police department for a free “vacation check.”

8. Not reporting suspicious people, vehicles and/or incidents to police right away

·If you see someone or something that does not look right, immediately call the police. Doing so is very effective in deterring crime

9. Not belonging to your police department’s crime preventions and safety network

·Free email program offered by many area police departments

10. Thinking “It won’t happen to me."

·Wrong. Thinking it can’t or won’t happen to you is the wrong approach.  Take steps to safeguard your home


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