Road crews work through night to keep roads clear -

Road crews work through night to keep roads clear

( -- Road crews throughout the area have been preparing for possible snowfall for days. Plows pre-treated major highways and interstates Tuesday.

MoDOT officials say they’re focusing on Jefferson County. 400 employees worked Tuesday night with 220 trucks in service; with bridges and overpasses being the primary concern.

Officials say they don’t want to distribute salt too early for fear that it would blow away.

Tuesday’s expected snowfall is the first in nearly two years years; following a very mild winter in 2011.

The biggest concern for officials is Wednesday morning rush hour. More than 300 crews will be on standby with St. Louis County to provide auxilliary support.

MoDOT plans to work 12 hour shifts around the clock until the roads are clear for drivers.

“We’ve got all our plow blades mounted, we’ve got the salt trucks loaded-vehicles ready to go and if and when the storm does arrive we’ll deploy the operations team to deal with it,” said David Wrone with the St. Louis County Roads Department. 

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